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What are the factors affecting the safety performance of toe shoes / boots?

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What are the factors affecting the safety performance of toe shoes / boots?

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Toe shoe

Protect the safety of toe shoes / boots

Protective toe shoes / boots are equipped with metal protection Baotou or non metal protection Baotou in the toe of shoe / boots. It is used to protect the toes of the workers from impacted or extruded. It is mainly applicable to workplaces with object strike or extrusion, such as machinery industry, mine, construction industry, metallurgy industry and so on. From toe protection function, this kind of product's safety performance is mainly for impact resistance and pressure resistance of shoes.

Two. Factors affecting the safety of toe shoes / boots

1, protection of the impact of Baotou

The protection of Baotou is an important part of the toe shoes / boots. It is an important factor affecting the safety performance of this kind of product. The material and structure used to protect the product determines whether the safety performance of this kind of product can meet the standard requirements, and can play the role of protecting the workers.

The material and structure of protecting Baotou should be able to ensure that it has enough strength to limit its rupture or deformation in a certain range. In the case of GB/T 28288 - 2012 "foot protection of the toe protection of Baotou and the puncture pad", the internal spacing of Baotou should be in conformity with the standard requirements when the impact resistance and pressure resistance test is carried out. And no sharp edges or cracks should be produced.

The materials for the protection of Baotou have metals to protect Baotou and non-metallic protection of Baotou. In comparison, the strength and rigidity of the metal protection of Baotou is better than the non metal protection of Baotou and can withstand greater impact energy and pressure.

To protect the material thickness, shape, minimum internal length and curling width of Baotou determines whether its structure can withstand the standard impact resistance and pressure resistance. The thickness of the material should be moderate and the thickness is too small, which reduces the rigidity of Baotou, increases the weight of Baotou and affects the comfort of the clothing. Therefore, the production plant of Baotou should be protected by the test to determine the thickness of the material used in the production of the enterprise. Protecting the internal length of Baotou is an important factor affecting safety performance. The greater the length of protection inside Baotou, the greater its variable shape during impact, and the better the protection for the wearer. The minimum internal length for protection of Baotou shall be GB/T 28288 - 2012. Protecting the edge width of the bottom edge of Baotou is also an important factor, as the edge of the roll can help protect Baotou to transfer its pressure to the sole supporting it, so the width of the curl should be as large as possible without affecting the wearer's comfort.

2, the influence of the sole

The sole is also an important factor affecting the safety performance of safety shoes. The sole should have a certain hardness to protect Baotou from the impact or pressure to protect Baotou's necessary support strength so that the impact or pressure can be effectively transferred to the ground, without causing the protection of other parts, such as Baotou and other parts above the sole, to be trapped in the sole of the shoe.

3, the effect of insoles

Most safety (protective) shoes / boots have a fixed insole. If the insole covers the entire length of the sole, the insole extends to the protective space below the shoe Baotou, which reduces the internal clearance of Baotou and has a bad effect on protecting the protection provided by Baotou. Therefore, when the insole affects the internal clearance of the Baotou, thus affecting the impact resistance and pressure resistance, the shoe toe part of the insole can be thinned.

4, the influence of the manufacturing process

(1) according to the provisions of GB/T 28288 - 2012, different types of protective Baotou are suitable for different shoes / boots. The manufacturer should choose the appropriate protection of the Baotou model according to the size of the shoe / boot number to ensure the safety of the safety shoes / boots to meet the requirements and comfort.

(2) in the production process, Baotou should be properly installed on the shoe last. Improper installation may result in the protection of Baotou displacement, so that it can not withstand impact and pressure resistance.

(3) if the protection of Baotou and shoes / boots bond is not strong, there are gaps to protect Baotou in the shoe movement, it will protect Baotou to withstand impact or pressure resistance shift, can not carry the impact force or pressure through the shoe to the sole, so that it can not protect the role of the toes of the workers.

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