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The reasonable price of the labor protection shoes price?

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The reasonable price of the labor protection shoes price?

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A lot of people will mention this problem. In fact, the price of the labor protection shoes is determined by the material used in the various parts of the labor protection shoes, the function of the labor protection shoes, the workmanship of the labor protection shoes and the popularity of the brand. The first three items are the main factors determining the price of labor protection shoes.

Labor protection shoes are mainly used on upper and sole. The material used in the upper shoe determines the price of labor protection shoes to a large extent. For example: the upper is the use of cowhide or PU leather, or other materials, the imported cowhide or domestic cowhide, the thickness of the cowhide, the cow's cowhide, the beef skin on the cow's body, and so on. The material of shoe sole mainly depends on which material to use. Currently, there are more rubber bases, PU bottom and TPU bottom on the market.

Labor protection shoes that need to be used in different workplaces have different functions, so the labor protection shoes are divided into the function of protecting toe labor protection shoes, preventing piercing labor protection shoes, electric insulation labor protection shoes, anti static labor protection shoes, acid alkali labor protection shoes and so on. Labor protection shoes belong to personal protective equipment, which mainly protect the feet of the workers, with high technology content and high added value.

The workmanship of labour protection shoes is very important. With good shoe upper and sole materials, there is no reasonable price for labor protection shoes. Good production technology, the production of labor protection shoes will also be difficult to use, not durable. The production of labor protection shoes is very high in the requirements of raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemicals, mechanical equipment and so on. So the different materials, the performance of different labor protection shoes, different workmanship and different brands have determined the difference of the price of the labor protection shoes. That's why the price of the same brand may vary greatly.

The choice of the principle is: only buy, do not buy expensive, is based on the specific use of the environment and protection needs to choose a high cost performance for their own work to wear the labor protection shoes.

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