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Correct treatment of old and new toe shoes

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Correct treatment of old and new toe shoes

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Toe shoe

(1) when buying and protecting toe shoes, sometimes I can't feel the slight discomfort at the heel of the toe of the toe, but when it is worn, it is found, and it is easy to blisters the foot. In this case, a wet sponge can be used to cover the place where the feet are bubbling. After 1 hours, remove the wet sponge. Use your hand to stretch and knead and knead the heel to make it soft. Put it in the cool and ventilated place to dry; then apply a little raw chicken oil (animal fat) or use nuclear peach kernel to wipe it, and finally beat the shoe oil. Make it natural in the footsteps.

(2) the newly purchased toe toe shoes should be oiled first, and the toe protection shoes should always be shoeshine. The skin of the newly protected toe shoe is full of fine fur, and a layer of shoe oil is filled before it is filled, so it can keep it bright and clean for a long time, and then the shoe is easy to shine. To protect the wearability of the toe shoes is related to the number of times of rubbing oil, the upper of the old shoe has been wrinkled and more needed to wipe oil. Generally, four or five times of oil can be erased every month, when the shoe's surface is clean and the shoe's leather is wiped, the soft brushes and cloth and one or two drops of vinegar in the shoe oil can be used to protect the toe shoes. Bright and durable, it is best to apply shoe polish at night, wipe the shoes a few times in the early morning with soft cloth, so that the ingredients such as turpentine and paraffin in the shoe oil are fully absorbed by the leather. It has excellent protective effect and makes the shoe glossy and flexible.

(3) protect toe shoes from wearing white spots after treatment. Shoe upper leather that protects toe shoes has a strong ability to absorb sweat. Therefore, some white spots will appear on the leather surface after a long time. This is the salt in the sweat absorbed by the leather and the exudation of the substances contained inside the leather, which is called salting out. Especially when it is rainy and rainy, it is necessary to protect toe shoes from moisture. Treatment of leukoplakia: first use alcohol or leather detergent to clean the white spot; then brush a layer of shoe oil, drop a few drops of vinegar, brush with a shoe brush and cloth back and forth, and remove the white spot as new as the old.

(4) to protect the foot of the toe of the foot. Protect the toe of toe shoe, because damp weather often appears mildew. The way to deal with mildew spots is to clean the mildew spots with alcohol first, then wipe them with dry soft cloth in a few minutes, and remove mildew spots.

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