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Protection of toe shoes for use and protection

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Protection of toe shoes for use and protection

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Toe shoe

The correct application and protection method should be used to ensure that the toe shoe development should be useful and adhered to the health of the foot. Therefore, the following matters should be paid more attention to:

1. the plan to protect the toe shoes should not be amended in private.

2. wearing appropriate size protection toe shoes helps to keep the wearer's foot health and the use period of his shoes.

3. pay attention to personal cleanliness. Users should keep their feet and shoes clean and dry.

4. keep fit and protect toe shoes, but do not use solvents as cleaning agents. In addition, the sole must be often cleaned to avoid the accumulation of dirt, because the conductivity of the sole or the antistatic efficiency will be affected by the amount and folding of the dirt.

5. store and protect toe shoes in cool, dry and ventilated places.

After that, we will mention our code of personal protective equipment.

1. should not be used as a substitute for engineering or administrative control to deal with hazards.

2. the personal protective equipment used must conform to the standard description and suitable for the operation needs.

3. in addition to suitable choices, proper use and protection are equally important for the development of functions.

While the government is working on the rules of "personal protective clothing" under the occupational safety and health rules, the need for the use of personal protective equipment will be strengthened.

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