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Working principle and analysis of anti smashing shoes

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Working principle and analysis of anti smashing shoes

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Smash shoes

Static electricity is an objective natural phenomenon. It is a static charged charge. Most of the static electricity is usually caused by friction and separation. Friction causes heat. It causes the molecules in the material to be active. Then the two substances are separated and the electrons may be transferred from one substance to other substances. Static electricity. It is characterized by high voltage, low current, low power and short action time. The main measures to prevent static electricity in production are dissipation, static electricity leakage, humidification, neutralization, isolation and grounding.

Neutralizing antistatic methods: neutralization is important because grounding and isolation will not release charges from insulators such as synthetic or conventional plastics. Neutralizing or removing the charge generated naturally in the insulator is called ionization. Ion is a simple charged substance in the air. Ions are produced by natural energy materials. It includes solar light, lighting, open air as flame and radiation. We can make up trillions of ions by the ion generator. The ion generator uses high voltage to produce a balanced mixed charged ion, and uses a fan to help. The ions drift to the body or in the region. Ionization can neutralize static charges on insulators in eight seconds, thus reducing their potential damage.

Of course, anti static, the most prominent is prevention, prevention is another important measure or important device. This is the most critical factor in ESD control. Other people or you must be aware of the danger of electrostatic release in the work of contact with electronic gases. Understanding them and adapting to them will be the most important thing to notice than any electrostatic release control material. Because in some special gas industry, as well as petroleum and petrochemical industry, for those inflammable and explosive environment, for the prevention and control of electrostatic is particularly important. When the workers operate, they must wear anti smashing shoes, anti static clothing, etc.. Wearing anti smashing shoes is the most effective and reliable way to discharge the electrostatic charge of the human body. By wearing the anti smashing shoes, the human body is "connected" to the earth, that is, "grounding", in order to achieve the purpose of electrostatic release and control the electrostatic charge of the human body successfully. Production lines and adverse effects of the human body.

The sole includes the most outer layer of RB with conductive carbon black. In the sole, the bottom of the shoe is covered with conductive glue through the bottom of the conductive cloth and the guide wire. Antistatic shoes should be antistatic / insoles when they are used, and work on the anti static ground to make the static electricity carried by the body to the earth. Any part of the resistance is too large or disconnected. Therefore, in the important department, the human body resistance tester should be tested at any time to check whether the body's shoes / Shoes / insoles and the total resistance of the human body can provide the leakage of static electricity.

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