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How to play the role of antistatic shoes?

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How to play the role of antistatic shoes?

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Nowadays, large companies in many centralized electronic devices, or enterprises need their own production workshops, have the highest standard. In order to reduce the damage to the human body, it will basically require all employees to wear uniform shoes. Antistatic shoes become a kind of shoes they like very much, because they can pour static electricity from the body to the earth, and can also eliminate the static electricity inside the body, which can effectively restrain the dust that the body drives in the course of walking, and make the products produced by them have better quality. Quantity. However, many people do not know how to wear such a pair of shoes, but there are still a lot of attention.

From the present situation, the antistatic shoe itself is to eliminate the static electricity of the human body, so in the process of wearing it, it can effectively prevent some of the electric current below 250 volts, which is some characteristics of the antistatic shoe itself. If the current exceeds 250 volts, it is basically impossible to prevent. But our household current is 240 volts, which is generally safe.

Antistatic shoes are suitable for places to prevent the burning accidents caused by the static electricity of the human body, including a lot of dangerous places, such as some oil places, chemical dyes, coal mines, rubber products, medical equipment processing, electronic processing, air purification, printing industry and so on.

If you want to choose to wear antistatic shoes, then you must not wear thick socks, nor can you wear wool socks, nor can you have shoes on your shoes. It is forbidden to use such a shoe as an insulating shoe, and there is a great difference between the antistatic shoes and the insulating shoes, and the performance of the insulating shoes and the effect of the antistatic shoes is better than that of the antistatic shoes.

In the use of antistatic shoes, it is necessary to ensure that the use of the ground is all conductive ground, the purpose of using such a shoe itself is to prevent electrical conductivity, and no other purpose. That is to say, if you do not require static electricity when you are working together at normal times, you can not choose to wear such shoes.

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